Spectra are an Australian engineering and technology solutions group with over 15 years invested industry experience. We work with national and international clients a across a range of markets to deliver solutions.
Achieve success with a balanced mix of proven equipment and services along with innovative solutions designed to increase well uptime, improve efficiency and reduce cost.


Improve your whole of well outcomes by initially deploying cost-effective solutions before managing well integrity through innovative production, repair and cleanout technology.


Explore and understand the resource by testing, definition, and measurement. Manage production cost and risk by controlling water and gas production, well cleaning, and confirmed seal and abandonment.
De-risk a portfolio of rapidly developing projects by testing and defining geotechnical realities at scale. Visualise results and rapidly manage change at multiple locations during project development cycles.
Consider where and how to build by challenging and testing geotechnical assumptions. Incorporate measured, reliable, results into engineered updates.
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Spectra pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous innovation within our industry. This means that our products and service offerings are ever-expanding. Reach out to our team if there is a specific service you are interested in or advantage you’d like to develop.